31543340_10212023153918101_8360548325820203008_nHave a lookThere are so many different translations of the bible, Now the bible is the holy word of God. Man took it upon them self to change words to their benefit, in order to please man.Some said so that people can understand it. now tell me God made every thing…Christ Jesus is the word, If there was something in there that GOD did not want in there He would not let it be in there.

If you are not for God then you are for the devil. he has tricks for you. If the holy Spirit is in you, you will see the tricks of the devil. Christ said he is a deceiver, this is the signs of the end time. Here are some of the words that common man Remove out of the Holy bible to please them self. People it is your responsible to search for the truth it’s in your bible the Holy Bible. When the Dead sea scroll was found it was said that the book of Isiah was found in it, there was no different than what is in the bible

The bible was written by holy man inspired by the Holy Spirit…therefor those bible can’t be Holy bibles they are not God’s inspire words. Don’t be confuse by them Buy the King James bible this was proven to to the most authentic Bible out there to day. Bible   

Evangelist J Burton.

Time Is Short Eternity Is Long!

It is time for you to get your self to gather, weather you are save or not, there are so many that are in the church in the pulpit preaching, and profits work all kind of miracles. People this is not scripture in this age of grace, we are not in the miracles time Christ work miracles when he was here…to prove who he was to the Jews, the bible said the Jews require a sign.  when he went back to heaven he left his disciples to take up where he left of, but he told them go not to the Gentiles this is why they peter and those was working those miracles.  It they would have listen to them Jesus would have come back and set up his kingdom.

we are not in that time period we are in the age of grace meaning we are after the cross, the Jews are before the cross. The Lord gave the gospel of grace to the apostle Paul for the Gentiles…every thing we need to know pretending to our salvation comes from the apostle Paul. you cant just disregard him he is the spoke person that Christ chosen to lead his people.Just as the children of Israel did not obeyed Moses whom God chosen to lead them. and some die from the result of not believing him. Paul said these was written for our learning.Contact

People look around things is moving so fast, all of the disasters, all over the world the hater that is so forceful in the world, the bible said it will not get better but worst.wake up before it is to late there will be no excuse in that day.