Just Who Are The True Believers?

Bible Study`Just Who Are The True Believers?

I am asking this question simply because it is so hard to tell who is who. Seeing what is happening in the world today How many are taking notice of this I wonder, how many are concern about their ETERNITY?

2 Corinthians 4:4 “In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.” When you are a true believer you are walking in the light, God has taken you out of the darkness and brought you into this marvelous light. A true believer will stand up for their belief, serving God is base on BELIEVING TAKING GOD AT HIS WORD

There are so many Christians who are mixed up in politic, but this is not scripture. How would you know if you don’t know the word the bible? I’m finding this out more from those supposed to be higher ups with all of their degrees, but still, don’t know God’s words.

Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God. Whosoever, therefore, resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation. For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil. Wilt thou then not be afraid of the power? Do that which is good, and thou shalt have praise of the same Romans 13:1-

The power to be is there by God, He puts up and He takes down. This is Satan’s world, but God is still in control. Believers are not to take part in politic, a believer would not disobey the law we don’t have to have fear of law officers because we are upstanding people…God-fearing people. Just think if the whole world was like the true believers what a better world this would be.

Satan is the ruler of this world, but this is God’s world all dough Satan is the god of this world he is limited to so much. It came to me like this, when a  person leases a place, home, building even a car like I did for the past six years. You do not have ownership of it you only have a limited amount of control when that time is up you have to turn it over to the owned…you have no choice. This is what Satan has a limited amount of control.

Revelation told us that Christ Jesus has to buy back the world from Satan, it tells about the seven seals only the Lamb of God could open those seals no one else could have done this, He paid the price with his blood by going to the cross. The raft of God has to come upon this world because of Man disobedient, God is going to cleanse this world, along with heaven because Satan had trample both places. God is starting over from scratch, with a new heaven, and earth.

The rules are not for the terror it is for good works when you are doing that which is right you don’t have to worry about the law enforcers coming after you  those who disobeyed the rules  they go to jail for whatever their crime maybe they have to pay for it,

When the bible said we are in this world but not of this world, love not the world nor the things that are in this world. It same as if there are many who maybe don’t know that this is in their bible. There is a saying you can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?   Many can preach Christ Jesus they are looking to big up themselves…looking to make a name for themselves. looking for riches which some of them has…but by what expense and falsehood, they rather take the risk to miss lead people so that they can live a rich life, and the people they are leading right into hell with themselves.

The bible said everyone must stand before God. He has given us His word His guideline instruction in the bible obedience is what He wants from you.  There is great deception in the world today. Without the Holy Spirit, you cannot live this life, the Holy Spirit comes to lead you and guide you into the path of righteous. At times it sounds as if people trying to make God out to be a lair, this shows that they are controlled by Satan which God says he was a lair from the beginning.

I am going to give you some take for inference. God said obedience is better than sacrifice, God doesn’t want your praises your services He wants your heart to obey Him…nothing else matter but to bayed Him.  Everything that GOD said to do Satan said no do it his way. It’s OK for the sinners to do this because they belong to him, but those who claim to be a child of God and are doing like the world it is obvious that they are not of God. The sad thing about this is that they don’t know it. This is what happens when you don’t know the word…you can easily be deceived.

The bible said to separate your self from the world, as a child of God Apostle Paul said leaving those things behind moving on to perfection, a true believer is one who loves the Lord, who stay in his word who want to know,and to understand,and enjoy studying, enjoy talking about the word of God love being around the people of God…you just want to share that what you know, and  constantly talking to the Lord…this is how you grow as a child of God you must grow.

A friend of mine called me and ask if we can have lunch …I told her, yes, but she said something to me I must not judge her it took me by surprise what are you talking about? what I am wearing, but this is what really stunt me she said I must not talk about the bible to her. I told her fine I would not talk what she wants to talk about see I know her conversation. now I would not talk to her about God any more unless she wants to. I led her to the Lord

I have explained everything to her, you are now a new creation old things are passed away behold all things are new. This is letting me know how the devil has such a strong hold on people so many are stuck in religion this is not of God… religion is man doing what he wants to do and think he is pleasing God. Apostle Paul said he was once steep in the Jews religions…This is the reason he was cearching for those who belived that Jesus was the Christ Son of God.

This is His word he has given us examples. when a child is born it depends on its mother for everything she is responsible to make sure it gets the nourishment that is needed for growth. we have often seen children that are starving… we can see how this affected their growth and health in general. There are many starving Christians because they want to do it their way. when you desire to be a part of God’s ROYAL family He has strict guidelines, He gives directions it can be found in the Bible KJV which is His words,there are many otherbubles but they are not the words of God they are common men writing whats is in their own words.

He said a woman is to dress with shame facedness, a woman is too covered her head in His presence, a man is not to cover his head now more than ever we can see the reverse, there are those who are saying that a woman hair is her covering if this be the case what is the man hair is for when God said he is not to cover his head nor to have long hair? a true believer will not question God they will be obedient to Him.

Psalms149 said God taketh pleasure in His people, He will beautify the meek with salvation… meaning He has clothed you with His righteous. when Adam sinned the bible said God clothed him in His righteous to bring him back into fellowship with himself. Isiah said He has clothed me with the garment of salvation and ARRAYED me in a robe of His righteousness. The word array( an impressive display or range of particular type of things awesome. This is the definition that our feeble mind can not comprehend.

He said no man comes to the father but by Him because you are array with the righteousness of Christ Jesus. it is just so glorious until when he revealed Himself to some of His disciples on the mount of transfiguration they fall to the ground, this is who God sees when a believer comes to His throne because He lives in them.

There is no other way anyone can approach God’s throne…if the Holy Spirit is not in you-you cannot have excess to the throne room of God. so save your breath God is not listening because you are not listening to him. So many people in time of trouble they know how to call on God make promises to Him Lord if you do this for me I will do such for you. You can’t bargain with God He is the one who has done you a favor He is giving you eternal life for nothing…all He asks for in exchange is your obedience.

I often wonder what is the mindset of those who say they are Christians, and they are no different than those who are not claiming to be one. the Lord said you are different, but there is no different you still desire to look like the world act like the worldly people are putting so many impasses  on  their  body all of the changes that they are making  no commitment to God…but yet because you may join a church, and pay tithes,  get baptized you are saved, this is a lie from Satan. if you save there have to be a change or you are saying God words are not true…the faults is in you, not God.

This body that so many are trying to pretty up, just to hear that you are beautiful, but if you were a true believer you would have known this all along. God said we are wonderful and beautifully made, God said you are beautiful, Satan said you are not instead of listening to God you listen to the devil. the tools that you are trying to make your self pretty has chemicals that are destroying your body. God said Satan came to kill steal and destroy, God has in reserve a new body to live forever. but your choice is to live with the devil in the lake of fire forever. it is such a waste.

When God made man He blew His breath into a man and he became a living soul, this is why a person will live forever…because we all are breathing the breath of God who is the everlasting Father. Those who have chosen Him will live forever with Him in heaven but will rule the Kingdom with Christ Jesus. Some don’t know this, I heard people said we are going to walk around heaven all day…not so said the bible, we are going to have responsibly, at different levels.

This body which so many people are so particular about, do you know that it is nothing but a tabernacle…a tent…temporarily. meaning that your body is that tent that houses for a while then it is taken down. we are governed by a spirit invisible No one can see one thought or one emotion… nor will,  we are made with a mind a will and emotion the characters of God the spirit of God. Since it is a Spirit, therefore, it is not visible. The body is very important to God because He uses it to display who He is.  He took on flesh and became a man, without sin of cause He used the fleshly body to display who He is, He displays his fleshly side and His Spiritually side.

A believer Have the mind of God…He said let this mind be in you which WAS in Christ Jesus, Jesus was tempted with all temptations that we are facing today. This mind Jesus never forget who he was and His purpose for being there. He said I came to do the will of my father who sent me…obedience. This is the way of a believer as Jesus was the representative of His father who was in heaven. The believers are the representative of Christ Jesus who is now in heaven. Therefore if you are not obeying Him…why should He listen to you. in the book of StJohn 9:31 now we know God heareth not sinners, but if any man is a worshipper of God, and doeth His will him Heareth…obedience.  Did you get it Jesus said I came to do my Father’s will? John is saying it you do the will of God He will hear you. Now ? can a sinner do the will of God… not possible, because they have not the mind of Christ, You can not serve two masters Paul said the one you serve is your master.


A true believer first has to believe that Christ Jesus died was buried and rose from the grave. 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 This is called the gospel of grace…a mystery that was given to apostle Paul for the Gentiles. Once you believe you are now sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise who places you into the body of Christ. There are no unbelievers in the body of Christ 2 Corinthians 3:17 you are a new creation in Christ, old things pass away. Behold ALL things become new. people, these are God’s words He has the final say. The old you was buried with Jesus when he has risen so was you the believers. He rose with a new body, that old body was left in the grave same with the believers your old body was left in the grave…you are now a new creation all sin has been forgiven starting a new life in Christ Jesus.

This is a simple little pray if you don’t know the Lord, and now you want to be a part of Him forever. Lord Jesus, I’m a sinner Confessing my sins to you as best as I know I believe you died for me was buried and rose again, you did this all for me. I except you as my Lord and Savior. Thank you, Lord, for saving me. Now you are saved, read your bible, and talk to the Lord…let your friends know who you are they will not be your friends for long, because they do not mix you are now a brand new person God sees you as if you had never sinned.

Time is short Eternity is long to Spend in the lake of fire for the few years pleasing the flesh. People Give It Up It Does Not Worth Your Soul. Jesus said what would it cause a man to gain this whole world and lose his one soul…Apostle Paul said the short discomfort of this world is notheig to compaire to the glory that is to come.. . Evangelist J Burton