We Don’t Know What We Are Going To Be Like, But We Shall Be Like Him.

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We Don’t Know What We Are Going To Be Like, But We Shall Be Like Him.

Giving honor and praise to my God!

As I was listing to my instructor this morning…it got me thinking when he said that God makes man for his pleasure. However you are whatever your deformity maybe it is for God glory, we all were born for a reason.

I have seen people that was born with no legs, they make the best of their condition, there are some who were born blind there are many forms of deformity’s, it is not ones place to ask why me…but instead why not me?

The bible said I’m the porter and thou are the clay…does the clay ask the porter why make me such? The porter is in control. Emergent if everybody look alike, talk alike, walk alike, think alike…emergent if man did not have concision which only a few people uses today…let me take it a little bit further see God is love, this is why Christ died for you, this world is all about evil because this is the devil’s world you can’t have both worlds.

This is why I’m here along with many others, to let you know who God really is. When you commit your self to HIM you are totally His body-mind, and soul God does not share. If a man or a woman it married they do not want to share their spouse with someone else. The bible said God is a jealous God. When the bible said a man and a woman married they become one flesh Paul said this is a mystery. Christ gave us this example that when we become His we are one with Him…(atonement) we are of one body. There are many examples of this in the bible. Apostle Paul told us that we are sealed in Christ in God, we are seal with the Holy Spirit of promise, and place us into the body of Christ which is our down payment for our eternal life. Our citizenship is in heaven, we are ambassadors of heaven Therefor being in the body of Christ we are seated in heavenly places why you may ask? We are one with Christ, where He is so are we…the believers.

The bible said we don’t know what we are going to be like, but when He shall come we shall be just like Him…people of God should be excited about this, the glory that awaits us. On the mount of transfiguration, Jesus took with Him three of His disciples, He transforms Himself into His glory. They could not stand for the glory was so brilliant…this is what the believers are in the sight of the Father, because we are one with His Son.

I don’t feel like I’m in the heavenly,  but God said this is where I am…I believe it. Not because I’m a child of God the bible did not say my life will be better…he said we will be persecuted. You can go back in history and see how so many died for the gospel. Even Jesus disciples, apostle Paul. The people of God never had an easy life in this world…this is the devil’s world we are just passing through…pilgrims in a foreign country we are not to adapt to the things of this world we are heavenly bound people…we are the born from above, this is Apostle Paul the new creation. Your earthly birth is worldly, your second birth is heavenly…if only people can understand this. The bible said you are a new creation in Christ…every thing about you is brand new. Christ lives in you and you in him.

Being who I’m in Christ if I don’t tell you the truth I’m not doing the will of God…I tell Him day and night this is what I want to do…my life is to please the Lord. Every child of God should strive to know the will if the Lord and to be obedient to His will. This is the keyword obedience…is better than sacrifice. when you are a child of God you will be eager to please him this what happens when you love someone…you will do whatever it takes to please that person. Christ Jesus did what He had to do to save us all…because He loved us, He promises us eternal life to rule with Him in His kingdom, in return all he wants is our obedience.

I pray for the woman of God especially, Satan is heavy on your track. The bible said woman are of the weaker vessel. It started in the garden of Eden…God told Adam what to do Satan came along and told the woman what to do she obeyed him..Adam bayed Eve his woman instead of obeying God. This is why the world is in such condition, Adam gave his position to Satan…he became the federal head off the world By disobeying God. We are not sinners because we sin, we are sinners because we are the children of Adam.


Woman of today they want to be over the man…I can see this for the worldly people but not for the woman of God, our mean concern it to please God our aim is to know where we are in Him. As I said being a child of God you are in this world, but not of this world, be ye not in tingle with the things of this world…but be you transform by the renewing of your mind. Therefore being a new creation having a new mind, having The Holy Spirit living in you, being planted in Christ’s body, having being sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise, being a citizen of heaven, being in the body of Christ you are clothed with the garment of salvation…be justified, being glorified, being redeem, being join aired with Christ. This is who you are in Christ. If you are a child of GOD YOU ARE ALL OF THIS!

If you are all of this why are you still have the desire for the world? It have to be a change in you, the world must see this change…you are now Christ’s ambassador meaning you are representing heaven. When the United State sent their ambassador to a foreign country that country knows who this person is they don’t go there looking any kind of way acting any kind away…they are representing their country. They don’t want to make their country to look bad, that it is talked about. Same with the children of God, The Bible said don’t let your good be evil spoken of. When the world sees you they are to see Christ in you…if they are talking about you let it be a lie.

Therefore you don’t want to look anything like the world, that was your used to bee, you were walking on the left side, but you have changed sides you are walking on the right side…remember you are in the body of Christ He is sitting on the right side of His Father, should I say our father. We can consider our self-liking to a caterpillar they are not pretty at all…most people along with my self are afraid of them.

(Metamorphosis) at a special time within about an hour they transform them self into that beautiful butterfly it is a struggle for them to do this…to shed that old skin and put on a totally different body. I believe we the believers can liken our self to them, we are having trouble in this sinful body. We can’t see our self He said we are as filthy rags in His sight. This is why the believers are clothed with the garment of salvation…when we go to Him in pray He does not see this filthy body He sees Christ.   Jesus said no one comes to the Father but by me. Any and everybody can not go before GOD to ask for anything If the Holy Spirit is not in you His back is turned from you He only hears His own…He hears not sinners pray unless it’s a prayer of repentance. This is in your bible also.

Back to the Caterpillar, and how the believers can take from this…when that cocoon is open and that beautiful butterfly came out flying around free…free…free! The caterpillar was down crawling around no defense could step on at any time. But now things have turned around. This brings me to the believers…people REJOICE this is a glimpse of your future, a day is coming you are going to shine in your new body you will be free forever. We don’t know what we are going to be like, but we are going to be just like Him…we have not seen beauty yet. Remember that ugly Caterpillar crawling on the ground look at it now flying up and around no going back to where it was. One day we are going up to receive our beautiful everlasting body no more going back. hallelujah!

This world is not an easy place to be, but we are here, this world is a beautiful place but is not a happy place nor a peaceful place. the bible said there will not be any peace until Christ come…He is the Prince of peace.

People in this world most of them are hung up on their looks they are not pleased with their looks so they have to do something to make them feel like they are beautiful…make them self over. God’s words said you are wonderful, and fearfully made, God said this is who you are. Therefore I must ask this question do you believe God? Only true believers those who are born from above…called the born ones, and are placed into the body of Christ. You only get here by believing what God said. If you find your self doing the things that the sinners are doing they have no shame in their game. God said you are to dress with shamefulness.

Wearing low cut dresses, sleeveless tops, short dresses if you were to bend shame on you as a Christian, make up oh the makeup on people…this is strictly from Satan he can’t make a body so he makes over God’s body because you belong to him. God’s people are obedient, the Holy Spirit would not live in you if you are still following the world. Christ said be ye Holy as I’m Holy. Meaning seat apart, or set aside sole for God’s purpose’s you can not serve two masters.

Everything you want or need to know is in the bible. Unless you know how to rightfully divide meaning to separate the Jews from the Gentiles…this is God’s instruction. The bible said the woman is to dress modest, not modern as becoming a saint. Woman are to cover their heads coming in the presence of God, a woman is not to dress like a man, a woman is not to be a leader over a man. I don’t know where they got their doctrine from, because you will not find this In the bible…remember our doctrines come from the apostle Paul, most people omit what he is saying this is the only way you can be saved is through his gospel. It does not come from Jesus… he had no message for you Gentiles He told His disciple not to go in the way of the Gentiles, not the Samaritans, He was here to fulfill the prophets and the Convent that he made to His chosen people…the Jews.

The Bible said there is GOD, CHRIST, MAN, THEN WOMAN, this is the order that God deals with man…He changes not, but He changes His program, (same Constitution but different administration) we are in a different time the age of grace. This was the order He created man…it was God, Jehovah (CHRIST JESUS) THEN He made man we don’t know how long it was before God brought the woman on the scene…but it was a while she was in the man. God does not work back words. The woman has changed the line up that God has set, control by Satan she is taking over the man’s place…therefore it is now GOD, CHRIST JESUS, WOMAN, NOW MAN. But not in the sight of God His words stand to assure.

You can believe or not. People, please read…study your bible if you are serious about going to heaven. The Bible did not say that the angels are a woman. A woman is a messenger so is every believer, but to be a bishop, an apostle, Elder, Pastor, in the Bible there is no such position for a woman. There was no apostle before Paula, Jesus never called His disciples apostle.  This is the reason Paul said He was the apostle sent by Christ Jesus to the Gentiles… it was a mystery God kept before creation. Apostle means sent forth after the apostle was mortared, God did not appoint another.  Therefore there is no more apostle today apostle means sent forth by God,  apostleship has faded away…Christ Jesus appointed the apostle Himself. As for those who are calling them self apostle, and prophets, and say God send them, this is not in the bible,

There is no apostle in this age of grace. There are no woman leaders in this age of grace,  there are no prophets nor prophetess, God wants you to know what His words are saying. There is no husband, and wife leaders, there is no first lady of the church, Just as Eve gave the man the fruit he could not say no to her after knowing what God told him, he rather disobey God and obey his wife,The devil finds a way to used her against the man, and God. Who do you think is running the church house? this is not scripture…which is God’s instruction. I know there are some who will not believe what I’m saying just search the Bible before you jump to a conclusion. He said lean not unto your own understanding, there is a way that same right to a man but the end is distraction. living for the Lord is easy when you are willing to obey Him.

Woman be alert it is you that he chooses to use, God used the man Satan used the woman. Watch out for me, me, and I, I these are proud words used by Satan. he has chosen you from the garden to do his evil deeds. God made you different than a man for a reason, He said the woman is not to dress as a man, Satan said it’s nothing wrong…if one can look through the eyes of the Spirit you will see just how distasteful this for a woman of God. Look Christ has done all of the work. All you have to do for eternal life is to accept that He died was buried, and rose from the grave apostle Paul said you are saved… by this gospel the gospel of grace you save…1 Corinthians 15:1-4 The Holy Spirit comes and dwells within you, He is there to lead you and to guide you in to all rightness…He said He will never leave you nor forsake you…because he lives in you where ever you go He is there.

Christ said He wishes that none shall perish, this is why he send you messengers to help you not to perish. Remember Eternity is Long Time is Short.

Evangelist J Burton.