Why do people neglected the words of God?

Bible StudyThe Bible is the words of God, wither you believe it or not it is still the word of God. It is the believers’ guideline/road map to heaven. I often say Faith is taking God at his word, He said it I believe it and that settles it, this is how we are to please Him without faith He said it’s impossible to please God.

Believing that the Bible is God’s words, I am wondering why there are some who only believe what they want to believe. This scripture came to mind lean not unto your own understanding. Everything the believers needs to know it is in the Bible…if it’s not in the Bible we are not to do it. a believer is a person who has excepted Christ death burial, and resurrection…which is faith,  believing what God said, how can you believe something that He has not said, a command cannot be complete until it is given along with instruction.

Can anyone find the word Christmas in the Bible? Has apostle Paul ever talk about the birth of Jesus…on one occasion he said when the fullness of the time has come God sent forth His Son, born of a woman under the law. We are in the age of Grace, His birth never was to be celebrated if it was,  He would have given full detail, ask your self a question why are the world celebrating Jesus’s birthday? They don’t know Him…he said the world is an enemy to Him, how many people love their enemy?

This is how you can know if you truly save there will be a separation you will be that new creation that God said you are. People there are no birthdays of anyone recorded in the bible. But everyone knows their birthday, Just as of today everybody knows their birthday, I don’t know of anyone who celebrates theirs on a random date.

This is what people are doing to our risen Savior they pick a day and said this is His birthday, so many are following this way. In His word He told His people about the Christmas tree, there are many people who don’t know this is in the Bible  Jeremiah 10:1-  It’s an IDOL to the Lord an abomination to the Lord… there are Church houses have this IDOL in them. people, please wake up this is strictly satanic God is not pleased with this.

He said love not the world nor the things that are in the world…one can not love the world and God.  You can not serve two masters. If you love the world the love of the father is not in you. Christmas has nothing to do with God only a true believer will know this we take all of this by faith…believing what God said not with man is saying.

There are some who have Google this word, but it does not make a difference, as if they are sorry for Christ they have to do something for Him, The only thing God wants from you is obedience.

Christ-mas is for the devil, not Christ Jesus. The word Mass is used in Catholic services. People, Christ Jesus is coming soon. please get it right. so many are under the belief that before they can come to the Lord they have to quit what they are doing but this is not so He said come as you are, He will make the changes in you.

Remember when Moses was leading the children of Israel and they got to the red sea and there was no way for them to go  God told him to stand still, he delivered them to safety. Now He wants to deliver you into safety from the snare of the devil into eternal life, this is so simple to save truly save,

Paul said to believe that Christ Jesus died was buried and rose again you this is by faith if you truly believe this you are saved, by this gospel you are saved. 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 KJV. You have to acknowledge that you are a sinner we all were born in sin. here is this little prayer, Lord God I am a sinner coming to you as humble as I know how to confess that I am a sinner I am ready to give up my lifestyle and serve you, Lord Jesus I believe you died for me and was buried and rose again, I except you as my Lord and savior I am going to serve you from this day forth thank you Lord for saving me. now you are saved.

I am always here for any question you may have just post in the comment section. welcome to the family of Christ Jesus.

Evangelist Julia Burton.